Bayou Bengal fans celebrate the Tigers championship

Jim Hanzo
January 14, 2020 - 8:30 am
LSU fans



The LSU Tigers are the best in the entire nation.  Fans poured out in the streets after the championship, fireworks went off across the city and the party went on until all hours. 

"It was awesome, it was great," said one Tiger fan.  "We were so nervous at the beginning but we knew they would pull it out."  

"It feels good to see LSU playing well again, coached well again, managed well again, and hopefully this is a run that can continue after we lose Burrow," said this fan.  

"That was a hard fought game but they got it," said another LSU fan.  

"It was a beautiful game and Joe (Burrow) brought us out of it and here we are National Champions," said one man after the game. 

"I knew they were going to do I knew they were going to come through," said another fan.   

"This win is a really good thing for recruitment," one man said.  "This puts us in the spotlight, hopefully for years to come." 

Now the celebrating continues for the college world champions, LSU Tigers. 



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