Battle on Bayou St. John against invasive species

Don Ames
February 10, 2019 - 1:36 pm

Area residents near Bayou St. John are trying to keep an invasive weed from spreading

A group of neighbors got together Saturday to do their part, pulling the unpleasant plants from the waterway

They donned garden gloves, and armed themselves with shovels and rakes in an effort to stop the unsightly Giant Salvina's infestation of the bayou.

Giant Salvina is a familiar invasive species across most of Louisiana. It's non-toxic but large infestations can cause problems if it takes up too much oxygen in the water. 

Too much of the weed can also hurt birds, fish and the ecosystem as a whole.

Officials are thinking of bringing some beetles to the bayou that eat the weed.

However, they say the best fix would be another hard freeze to kill the plants all together.

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