Don't blame Barry for how much you pay for gas

Road trips, Mid-East tension more likely to blame

Chris Miller
July 16, 2019 - 8:38 am

Gasoline prices have been steadily marching upwards the last few weeks, but you can't blame it on Hurricane Barry meandering through the Gulf coast.

AAA spokesman Don Redman said more typical reasons are to blame: oil prices up in recent weeks, and some tension regarding Iran. 

"And on top of that, we just have continued growth in demand," said Redman.  "We have continued draw-downs on existing inventory of gasoline that's really putting the pressure on prices to go upward."

Redman said even with the recent rise, gas is still cheaper than it was a year ago. But Barry just wasn't a major enough event in the Gulf to move the needle.

"Whatever impact we saw from Barry will be short lived,' said Redman. "I think the biggest factor will be continued high demand as well as uncertainty in the Middle East."

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