Baggage issues at MSY

Passengers frustrated as bags are left behind

Thomas Perumean
December 27, 2019 - 6:15 am

Thomas Perumean


The new terminal at MSY found itself flying high through the Thanksgiving holiday performing without some of the hitches that occurred in the terminal’s opening week. 

The long lines at TSA didn’t materialize and baggage appeared magically in short order for waiting passengers. 

Christmas has been another story.  Passengers endured long lines at ticket counters and problems with the baggage screening and loading system plagued the automated system. 

Many passengers leaving on Southwest, the busiest airline serving MSY, leaving many being told their bags may not make it to their destinations due to the baggage system being overwhelmed. 

As passengers were told to take essential items from their bags before surrendering them to a system that may or may not work was the work-around that inconvenienced seemingly everybody.

Erin Burns with the Airport told WWL-TV Airport maintenance crews, airlines and the contractors who run the baggage system were working to correct problems and get the belts moving again. 

Meanwhile the baggage issues became flight issues as 43 flights were delayed and ended up leaving MSY late and many without passenger luggage. 

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