Avegno: COVID-19 curve still in surge, not flattening in N.O.

Hopes promising reports become a trend

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
April 07, 2020 - 2:21 pm

Are we seeing the surge of coronavirus starting to level of locally? New Orleans' Health Director does not think we are seeing the curve starting to flatten yet.  

"I think we are still in our surge," Dr. Jennifer Avegno told WWL First News.

She we have to stay on the course of self isolation.

"Everybody in New Orleans is familiar with the cone of uncertainty, right? So, if the hurricane wobbles a little way right or left, things change dramatically.  This pandemic is no different than that."

Avegno, however, says it is promising to see a couple of days in a row with the demand for ventilators and hospital beds at lease slowing down.  She hopes that becomes the norm.

"Everybody is kind of holding their breath, hoping that is a real trend and not just a couple of days of good news," Avegno explained. "If that holds, we would certainly be in a better position."

As of today the state reported that New Orleans had recorded 4,942 case of COVID-19 with 185 deaths. More than 20,000 New Orleans residents had completed test results.

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