Attorney General talks to Newell Normand about immigration, crime and drugs

June 18, 2018 - 12:35 pm

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions today told WWL's Newell Normad that the Trump administration wants to send a message to people trying to illegally enter the United States with children.

"Don't bring children through dangerous deserts, across fences and borders," Session said on WWL.

He told Normand that people outside the country had learned that if they bring their children or someone else's kids into America illegally, they would be allowed to stay.

"The word has gotten out that if you bring children with you, you won't be prosecuted. That just can't be done," Session explained.

He says that why they have been separating children from adults who illegally cross the border.

The AG stressed, however, that people who go to legal border crossing and enter the US under the law are not separated.

"It's only if they cross illegally."

On the issue of the opiod epidemic, Sessions said that one key is stopping so-called pill mill doctors.

"We are going to bring down, and already are bringing down significantly the amount of opiods that are being prescribed."

He said the federal government has convicted 150 doctors in the past two years, with some prescribing millions of opiod pills illegally.

Normand also talked with Sessions about fighting violent crime.

"A very small number of criminals commit the most serious crimes," the attorney general stressed.  "Identify that alpha criminal, to make sure that they get a substantial sentence for the wrongs that they have committed."

You can listen to the full interview by clicking play below:

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