Are people in the metro area of New Orleans for or against legalized sports betting?

Jim Hanzo
April 23, 2019 - 10:59 am

liveslow - Getty Images


As the issue of legalized sports betting comes up in the Louisiana legislature today, there are a lot of opinions on the subject. 
We talked to a few folks in Kenner who gave their thoughts as to whether they are for or against. 

And do they think it will pass?  

"It should be legal here," said this man we talked to.  "If it's legal in Mississippi, it should be legal here.  Mississippi is getting all of our gambling money." 

But this woman had a different opinion.  

"I think it could cause some more issues with addiction and I don't think we should promote that," she said.     

"I'm for it if it will benefit the school system and something with the kids or even the roads for the community," said this woman.  "Other than that I am not because I am not a gambler."

Do they think it will pass?  

"I hope it will because I am someone who is interested in sports betting," said another man. 

"I think it will, if it goes to a vote, because there are a lot of gamblers in the state," said another man.  

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