Archbishop Aymond on church's efforts to put scandals in past

David Blake
January 15, 2019 - 2:29 pm

There's no doubt that the faith of U.S. Catholics has been severely shaken by the sex abuse scandal, which has resulted in prosecutions and widespread allegations against the clergy.

A new Gallup survey shows just 31 percent of Catholics rate honesty high in the church. That's down from 47 percent two years ago.  

Damage control is a top priority from the Vatican to the local parishes.

New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond says they have already made a huge turnaround going back to 2002.

''We made some terrible mistakes and we have to admit that repent and ask for forgiveness from Gods people as well as from God,'' Aymond said.

Aymond know the sex abuse has shaken many of the faithful.

''Particularly of a minor by a cleric, it's awful, it's evil and a terrible sin, but it's not happening anymore,'' said Aymond.

Aymond says with handwork and education, he believes they can convince many of the faithful to return and feel secure and confident.

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