Key approval for controversial Warehouse District development

Two Saints

The New Orleans City Council has given the green light for a new concept development at St. Joseph Street and St. Charles Avenue.

The Two Saints project is similar to a college residence hall where residents have their own room and bathroom, but share common areas for living and cooking.

Councilmembers this week gave the thumbs up for a conditional use application for over 20,000 square feet of commercial space the Two Saints development.

A news release says, "In approving such a large indoor amusement facility and restaurant, Councilmember Banks made it clear that the developer's benefits were contingent on significant benefits to housing affordability and neighborhood integrity."

Two Saints will have restaurant areas and other commercial entertainment in a novel new approach to housing.

It was one of four projects approved that include requirements to include affordable units.

"In total, over 200 housing units - at different levels of affordability - were approved," according to the release.

The release noted that the various projects will "contribute to the dire need for housing we're facing."

Councilmember Kristin Palmer added, "Creating and preserving affordable housing is the foundation for our residents and communities to thrive. Even during the midst of a pandemic, this Council is committed to ensuring neighborhoods across the city have more housing options."

The three other projects are established multi-family housing, which will be up for potential expansion at the July 16 Council meeting.  At least one has been vacant for more than a decade.


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