Analysts predict Kennedy will join 2019 Governor's race this week

November 25, 2018 - 1:54 pm

( - Political analysts expect Senator John Kennedy will announce this week that he’s running for Governor in 2019 against John Bel Edwards.

Southeastern Louisiana Professor Dayne Sherman says it’s a smart move, as even if he loses, he’ll retain his seat, and, “It helps with fundraising because people who want to influence him at the Senate level know that they need to help him at the governor’s level to keep him in good graces.”

Sherman says Attorney General Jeff Landry’s decision to seek reelection all but sealed the deal on Kennedy’s run. 

With less than two years in DC in one of the most prestigious positions in all of politics, and a growing DC fanbase, many are wondering why he would want to come home after only serving half of his term. Sherman say Kennedy has long made it clear he’s had ambitions for the position.

“There is something that just drives some people crazy about the Louisiana governorship, and they will risk it all just to be in that governor’s mansion.”

Kennedy says he’ll make his announcement by December 1st. 
Louisiana GOP Executive Committee Member Vincent Bruno says it may just look like ambition, but there’s good reasons for Kennedy to want to make the move. He says to start, most of the Louisiana delegation doesn’t like living in DC and would rather be home, and second…

“The Governor of Louisiana is more powerful in his state is more powerful than any other governor is in their state. It’s a very powerful position.”

Bruno and Sherman were interviewed on Talk Louisiana.

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