Analyst: Veto of Harris sponsored bill most likely due to political retribution

June 06, 2018 - 6:53 pm

( - A bill sponsored by House GOP leader Lance Harris that would allow independent gas stations to sue larger gas station companies over unfair pricing has been vetoed by Governor John Bel Edwards. Harris owns a chain of gas stations in the Alexandria area and could have benefited from the bill. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says the move may be retaliation on the part of the governor.

“Since Lance Harris was the leading person to oppose governor’s request for $640 million it’s hard not to imagine that there was some political payback by the governor.”

Although Governor Edwards said in a veto note that the bill would’ve likely resulted in higher prices at the pump for drivers, Pinsonat believes that was not the primary reason for the veto.

“It’s more likely to believe that this was done as political retribution to Lance Harris. The questions over the effects of the bill related to drivers is probably secondary to the governor’s motives.”

Pinsonat says that this is part of the partisan games being played in Baton Rouge.

“You have a republican legislature, and a governor of Louisiana who is a democrat and these are normal games now. He can do all he wants to these legislators now, he can veto their bills till the cows come home but that’s not going to make them vote for him.”

Harris dismissed suggestions it was improper for him to push a proposal in which, as an independent gas station owner, would have a financial interest.

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