New Orleans-bound passenger train collides with tanker truck in Mississippi

Thomas Perumean
May 24, 2019 - 4:15 pm

Yazoo Herald - Jason Patterson

Amtrak passenger train 59, the southbound City of New Orleans, was involved in a railway crossing accident around 10:30 Friday morning.  

The accident happened in the small town of Bentonia, Mississippi when the train struck a tanker truck trying to cross the tracks.  Jason Patterson, publisher of the Yazoo Herald, said the tractor trailer was carrying saltwater used in oil drilling.  

The train was travel

Yazoo Herald - Jason Patterson
ing at maximum speed through the mostly rural area when it collided with the truck at a crossing which only had cross-buck signs and no lights or crossing gates.

According to Patterson, the locomotive's fuel tank was punctured in the crash and about a thousand gallons of diesel spilled.  

According to Yazoo County Sheriff Jacob Sheriff, the truck's driver was seriously injured.  Sixty-two-year-old Curtis Moore of Bolton, suffered head and leg injuries and was airlifted to University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson hospital.

A passenger and an engineer aboard the train also complained of minor injuries and were transported to a hospital for observation, according to Amtrak media relations in Chicago.  

Due to the opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway, the City of New Orleans is operating on a truncated route travelling only as far as Jackson, MS and transferring passengers to buses to complete the trip.  

Since Bentonia is only 35 miles north of Jackson, buses met the train there to pick up passengers and complete the trip.  

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