We tend to spend much more during the summer

Jim Hanzo
July 12, 2018 - 10:21 am

Why does it always seem we spend more during the summer months?  June, July, and August can certainly trigger overspending, according an on-line poll.   

Vacations, eating out, energy bills all take a toll on your wallet.  

Brad Fortier, certified financial planner, says try to adhere to your financial plan especially in the summer months.  

"That's why it's important to have some semblance of a budget so you can stick some nuts aside in the nest for summer and try to level out your cash flow that way," said Fortier.   

 And use the credit card as little as possible.  

"Otherwise, I would say let's go for more walks and fewer nights out on the town," he laughed. 

Fortier says you can also try to get ahead before the summer gets here....

"If you can pay down your bad credit card debts, then obviously that's going to free up cash flow for other things, and more barbecues in the summer," Fortier said. 

He believes younger families with kids have the most problems with spending in the summer months.

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