Americans are sleep deprived and costing us working days and billions annually

Jim Hanzo
July 17, 2017 - 8:33 am

A recent study showing the effects of lack of sleep found that the U.S. loses over 1.2 million working days a year from employee absenteeism that is related to Americans being deprived of sleep.  

The report says the US economy according to Rand Europe , is suffering as well, an estimated 411 billion dollars lost annually.  

"It even be more money that's wasted because that doesn't account for the tremendous amount of stimulants that people take to try to combat sleep deprivation," said Dr. Jake Rodi, senior physician in Family Medicine at Ochsner Hospital.

Dr. Rodi says, no doubt about it, we are sleep deprived and we should all practice sleep hygiene.  

"Cutting off the blue light so we don't destroy melatonin,  make sure you have a cool dark room," Dr. Rodi said.  "The only thing you use the bedroom for is sleep and sex."   

That means turning electronics off an hour before hitting the sack.    

He does add that obstructive sleep apnea is still the main medical reason why we are so tired.  Stress also plays a role in being deprived of sleep. 

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