Almost half of us feel lonely and isolated, according to study

Jim Hanzo
November 27, 2018 - 8:35 am

Nearly half of Americans are lonely according to research out of UCLA.  Why are so many feeling isolated?  
It's about their perception that they are lonely according to Dr. Richard Costa, clinical psychologist with LSU Health Sciences Center. 
"It's about changing that perception," said Dr. Costa.  "That's why, even at the basic level, just asking how folks are doing and giving them the opportunity to be heard.  You know it is socially more acceptable to put on a happy face rather than going around feeling unhappy or being concerned that you are going to bring other people down."    

And people tend to really feel lonely during this time of year.

"I think the holidays will actually magnify it for folks who are already feeling like there is no one there," Costa said.  "So really the key is getting people to recognize what they do have in their life."  

Dr. Costa adds we should give those people the opportunity to be heard especially around this time of the year. 

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