Alabama student accused of Death Valley bomb threat released from jail

Don Ames
October 17, 2019 - 9:16 pm

The Alabama student who allegedly called in a false bomb threat to Tiger Stadium during Saturday’s game has been released from East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a 100,000 dollar bond.

It’s currently unclear what charges Connor Croll will face, but legal analyst Tim Meche expects Croll’s defense to be based on the fact that the threat had no teeth.

"He's just a young man who did something stupid without meaning any real harm, and without the reality that he would do any real harm," says Meche.

Croll reportedly told police he called in the threat to stop the game because his friend was at risk of losing money on a bet.

The stadium was swept but the game was not canceled or disrupted as a result, and Croll’s call was traced shortly thereafter. Meche says you don’t get away with that in 2019.

"There was no realistic harm that was going to be caused, but these days there are consequences, even if you are joking," says Meche.

Croll was arrested by the University of Alabama Police and booked into jail Sunday morning.

Meche says because there was never a real threat, he expects the Louisiana man will face probation and counseling.

"This was just joking, inconsequential behavior and I predict that there will be no jail time for this young man," says Meche.

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