Afternoon, early evening showers and storms possible Saturday, should not postpone parades

Don Ames
February 23, 2019 - 12:01 pm

WWL-TV meteorologist Chris Franklin says Saturday parades will not see a washout.

"It's not going be a washout of a day. We will see scattered showers and thunderstorms, but they should most frequent after 3 or 4 o'clock," says Franklin.
"A potential line of storms could move through the metro area after 7 or 8 o'clock. There is a slight risk for some strong to severe storms, but that should be mostly to our north. Not to downplay our threat here, but any storms that become borderline strong to severe would likely be isolated and short-lived."

"It's going to be warm today, likely just a degree or so shy of our record for the day," says Franklin. "We're looking at a forecast high of 81 this afternoon, but we could easily tie the record high, which is 82 at Kenner.

"We do have a 60 percent chance of rain today. That doesn't mean 60 percent of the day, but 60 percent of our area that may see showers and storms. 

After today, beautiful weather for Sunday as cooler, less humid air moves in. We'll be much more seasonal, with highs in the mid 60s Sunday and Monday."


Partly sunny early, showers and storms by the late afternoon and evening. Low potential for a few severe storms. Windy. High: 81. Winds: S 15-25.


Rain moving out, turning cooler and less humid. Breezy. Low: S 57, N 54. Winds: W/NW 10-18.


Early clouds, then sunny. Cooler and less humid! Breezy. High: 66.


Chilly morning, sunny skies. Very pleasant! Low: S 50, N 43. High: 68.


Mostly cloudy skies. 30% chance for isolated showers. Mild temps. Low: S 54, N 48. High: 71.


AM fog. Mostly cloudy skies. 50% chance for scattered shower. Warmer. Low: S 61, N 57. High: 76.


AM fog. Mostly cloudy skies. 40% chance for showers. Low: S 64, N 61. High: 76.


AM fog. Mostly cloudy skies. 40% chance for showers. Breezy. Low: S 64, N 62. High: 77.

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