Abita celebrates New Orleans Tricentennial with the debut of Maison Blanc

December 13, 2017 - 9:03 am

Louisiana’s original craft brewery Abita Brewing Company is helping to celebrate New Orleans’ Tricentennial next year with a new brew called Maison Blanc. Brewmaster Mark Wilson says the concept comes from the area’s long standing history with French culture and lifestyles.
"We just came up with the idea to make a beer that had a lot of the characteristics of wine and to use grape juice."
They expect to have the new brew available statewide by the first of the year. He says Maison Blanc is combining the best of wine and beer, making it into one delicious recipe.

"It has the aroma of wine grape but also a little bit of the aroma of beer and then it finishes very, very dry, just like a crisp wine."
Abita Brewing Company produces 11 year round beers and was ranked 20th on the Brewers Association Top 50 U.S. Craft Brewing Companies in 2016. Wilson says even with all their success, they remember where they are based and rely on their roots to bring out the distinctive flavors they produce.
"All of our beers from the time the company was started, were meant to compliment the cuisine and culture of south Louisiana.  And this does this as well."

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