AARP finds age discrimination in want ads

WWL Newsroom
February 11, 2020 - 3:56 pm
Help Wanted job hiriing

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Patty Burnaman | WWL First News

Age discrimination seems to be the last acceptable bias, according to the AARP.    Subtle words and phrases, like “recent college graduate” and “digital native” are terms it says are meant to discourage older candidates from applying. 

Linedde McIver, Director of Multicultural outreach and engagement with the AARP tells us there are some other ways, too. 

“The photos of the workplace, all with younger people,” she said. “Phrases like ‘super fun work environment,’ are all ways to say that ‘older candidates need not apply.’”

McIver advises elderly people should apply anyway, if interested, and make the HR director aware that they know they are looking for a younger person, but feel that they have a lot to offer.  

McIver said that sometimes letting them know that you know empowers you to advocate for yourself.

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