Travelers this Labor Day holiday will pay the highest price for gas in 4 years

Jim Hanzo
August 31, 2018 - 9:01 am

If you are getting out of town this Labor Day weekend, expect to pay higher prices than a year ago.  

"The gas prices for this time heading into the Labor Day holiday is going to be the highest prices we've paid in 4 years," AAA's Don Redman said.  "Now, 4 years ago, we were paying, gosh, $3.45 per gallon so it's a heck of a bargain today."  

A's Don Redman says after the holiday we should start to see prices a the pump come down. 

"After we get through mid-September that when go through that transition for the winter-grade gasoline, AAA's forecasting prices to begin to fall," Redman said.  "Traditionally you see a weakening of demand for gasoline."  

"Prices in Louisiana are holding steady around the $2.59, $2.60 range, and we'll probably see that through the weekend," he added.  

New Orleans average price for regular unleaded is around $2.56 per gallon.  

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