AAA says over 39 million people will be traveling this holiday weekend

Jim Hanzo
May 26, 2017 - 7:36 am

AAA says there will be a whole lot of people traveling on the roads this Memorial Day weekend.  

"It's the highest rates for Memorial Day since 2005," said AAA's Don Redman.  

Redman says we are looking at over 39 million people who are going to be traveling this Memorial Holiday.  

"The vast majority are going to be doing so by vehicle so if you're heading out for this weekend, just know that you're going to be sharing the road  with a lot of people," Redman added.  

It's expected that today will be a big day for holiday travel.  

Many Louisiana families are hitting the beaches this weekend.  It's a little harder to determine when they return because some are taking more days off next week.

Why so many traveling this weekend?  Redman says, while gas prices are low, he says, that's not the only reason.  

"It's not just gas prices that determine whether people travel or not, it's the overall economy," Redman said.  "We're seeing increased consumer confidence in the economy,  and if people feel confident about their own personal, about their job, they're going to get out and travel more."  

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