60 percent of people will NOT take a vacation this year

4 in 10 adults traveling, 6 in 10 are not

Jim Hanzo
April 03, 2019 - 8:48 am

AAA reports nearly 100 million Americans will take a family vacation this year.  4 in 10 adults say they plan on taking a trip.  While that means 60 percent are not taking any vacation, AAA's Don Redman said it's even more than last year planning on hitting the road.  

"More so than any other indicator or factor into why people travel, not gas prices or anything like that, but it's about their personal economy," Redman said.   

Although Redman says gas prices are taken into account.  In fact he says if gas prices remain relatively low ......  

"We're talking about, at least in our gulf coast region, under 3 dollars, certainly under $3.50 a gallon, they consider that reasonably low, they're going to perhaps add another trip," Redman noted. 

Redman adds that while the economy is robust more and more families will continue to hit the road, either by car, rail, plane, or boat.

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