8 students from La. H.S. arrested for sexual assault caught on video

WWL Newsroom
February 14, 2020 - 9:45 am
State Police

Multiple students at Many High School in Sabine Parish have been charged with illicit acts for their roles in an alleged sexual assault recorded on video and went viral on social media. Trooper Casey Wallace says State Police began their investigation earlier this month.

“They then determined eight students involved and actually through investigative means they pulled warrants for those students, seven were juveniles and one was an adult,” said Wallace.

The juvenile students arrested have not been identified because of their age, but authorities identified the 18-year-old as Quacie Kerlegon. He was charged with sexual battery and second-degree kidnapping.

Parents who send their children to Many High School are troubled over the video that reportedly shows a victim being held down by other students and sodomized with an object in what has been called a bullying episode that went too far.

Wallace says the investigation remains active.

“It’s just an unfortunate event that could have been avoided and we just hope that the community, the school and the parish can move on in a positive direction after this,” said Wallace.

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