$3.8B in public school formula sought by Edwards backed by La. Senate

Jim Hanzo
May 15, 2019 - 6:33 pm

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State senators in Louisiana are backing a $3.8 billion public school formula that includes all financing increases sought by Gov. John Bel Edwards.
A 37 to 1 vote came in support for the K-12 spending plan today.  House Republicans stalled the same proposal in their chamber.
The formula that won Senate passage includes $140 million in increases: a $1,000 teacher pay raise, $500 raise for school support workers and $39 million in new block grant money for school districts.
Republicans in the House want $122 million in increases: a $1,200 teacher pay raise, a $600 support worker raise and no block grant boost. 
The State education board crafted the Senate-passed formula.  Lawmakers can reject or approve it.  House Republicans want a new formula from the board.  

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