Two weeks to Thanksgiving but the Christmas lights & decorations are here

Jim Hanzo
November 08, 2018 - 8:51 am

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Can you believe it?  We are exactly 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving, but some people are already looking ahead to Christmas.  WWL talked to some folks who said they are fine with moving straight to Christmas, even getting shopping done before Thanksgiving.  Others are bothered by the decorations that are up so early

"Oh they put 'em up for Halloween, what are you talking about," stated this woman who doesn't like it so early.  "It aggravates me, yeah.  I think it's crazy." 

"It makes you feel like your life is running past you, it's a little depressing," said one worker downtown. 

"Let's see the fall leaves, the oranges, the reds and the browns, let's see those colors," said this lady.  "Let's just not see the red and the green."

But not everybody feels like that.

"Normally, I bypass Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas," said one man who added he hasn't started his Christmas shopping but he will probably by next week.  "I'll start before Thanksgiving."  

"No, I love Christmas," said one woman.  "I do have pumpkins on my doorstep but I'm ready for Santa."  

"It's very much Christmas where I'm from," laughed this woman.  

"I like to see the Christmas decorations and lights up early," this person added.  "I like the Thanksgiving decorations too but it's okay to have your Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving."  

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